Darvag Percussion Group Concert( In the Memory of Abolfazl Beyhaghi)


Abolfazl Beyhaghi is one of outstanding, scholar and famous historian of Iran; who is named as the father of Iranian prose. To show respect to this special cultural and literary character of Sabzevar, Darvag band performed Percussion Group Concert in the summer of 2008, for 14 days.

Members of Percussion Group:

Hamidreza Seyednia: Daf (Leader and Composer)

Saeed Seyednia: Oud and Fiddle

Ali Asghar Rasulian: Singer

Ali Kooshki: Daf and Drum

Saeed Momtahani: Daf and Drum

Amir Masud Akbari: Daf and Tombak

Amin Bahman Saffar: Daf and Tombak

Arash Arad: Daf and Daryh

Ehsan Naderian: Daf and Daryh

Jamal Hafezi: Drum and Daf

Sorush Eshaghian: Drum and Daf

Majid Naghib Zadeh: Daf and Zarb

Saeed Kooshki: Daf and Timpo

Morteza Ghale Noee: Daf and Cymbals

Abolfazl Motakef: Daf and Cymbals

Mehdi Mehrjoo: Background Vocalist

Poem by Arash Arad about Abolfazl Beyhaghi