Navaye Sarbedaran Concert

Sabzevar city, with a great historical and cultural background, is the origin of revolutionary, effective and great movement of Sarbedaran. Considering that one of the Darvag music academy’s goals is tribute to Sabzevar’s culture and history; to respect the Sarbedaran historical revolution proceed to hold a concert on Sarbedaran’s day.
This concert was dedicated for 12 days in May 2016 by composing Saeed Seyednia.
Group members:
Hamidreza Seyednia: Dulcimer
Milad Seyednia: Sitar
Saeed Seyednia: Berbat
Mehdi Zoljalali: Tar
Majid Naghib Zade: Singer, Zarb
Amin Bahman Saffar: Tombak, Daryh
Sadegh Amirkhani: Fiddle
Poems: Dr. Hassan Delbari, Ali Rezvani, Sayyid Hassan Hosseini.

Versherang instrumental music composed by Saeed Seyednia

Marze Kohan Ballad _ music by Saeed Seyednia_ poem by Dr Hassan Delbari

Dormant in blood track_ music by Saeed Seyednia _ poem by Sayed Hassan Hoseyni

Sarbedaran Ballad_ music by Saeed Seyed nia_ poem by Ali Rezvani